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Durability, easy maintenance and attractive design are the essential features of TechniStone® engineered stone. The quartz-based material is hard, compact, and non-porous and has a wide range of interior applications thanks to its versatility and excellent performance. It can be used on both large and small surfaces for kitchen worktops, bathroom vanities, wall coverings, kitchen islands, and fireplaces. Designer stairs and floor coverings made from engineered stone are becoming increasingly popular, even for small spaces. TechniStone® looks great as a material for window sills and can also be used for furniture and various interior decorations. The possibilities for its use are almost limitless.

TechniStone® is produced in large-format slabs which come in various thicknesses (12, 20 and 30 mm) and are available in many shades of color in several collections of original designs. Our portfolio includes collections inspired by nature that offer slabs with a natural look, designs that feature veins of different sizes and colors, and completely original designs that reflect the light with shards of glass and mirrors. In short, TechniStone has many advantages over natural stone. Moreover, in a marbled design, its appearance is so natural that at first glance you can hardly tell it from real marble.


Technistone offers its engineered stone in three surface finishes: polished, matt, and terra, a surface with a gentle 3D relief. The polished finish is our most popular, mainly because it is easy to maintain and, when used in light colors, makes an interior seem larger. However, matt finishes, which reveal the texture of the grains used in the manufacture of TechniStone®, and terra, which captures the beauty of natural slate, are also very popular. Regular impregnation with a special product is recommended for matt surfaces.


TechniStone® slabs have a wide range of applications in both the private and commercial spheres. They allow for a variety of ways to combine engineered stone with other elements in an interior. You can find inspiration in individual sections sorted by types of application in our internet gallery or in our showroom.  


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