An environmentally friendly production process

In the process of developing new products Technistone® is inspired by current market trends, customer preferences and to a larger extent nature and its beauty. Like many others we endeavour to protect nature, be mindful and at the same time preserve its resources. We also take into consideration other factors that directly impact the quality of the environment such as transport, processing of secondary raw materials, recycling, and others.

Technistone® ® is man-made for man and contains more than 90% natural base materials (granite, quartz, glass , mirrors), quality binders (polyester resin ), and coloured pigments to create different shades of the products. Processing with a original production technology gives the materials high durability and exceptional properties which greatly enhances care and maintenance and allows its wide use and flexibility in the construction industry, healthcare and interior decoration of private and commercial buildings. By its integration into projects it contributes to ensuring long-term sustainability without the need for replacement. The Technistone® material retains its properties and appearance even after years of continued use.

Use of recycled raw materials

Some Technistone® products contain 20-70% recycled raw materials which are made up of recycled waste from other manufacturers. Mirrors, glass, fillers contain waste from the processing of building materials and fall-outs generated during the processing of natural stone are used for the production of the highly resistant slabs of engineered stone. Technistone® thus makes a significant contribution to the topic of circular economy and the use of secondary raw materials resources. It is indeed Eco-friendly. An over-view of the selected products is available in the certificates review.

Wastewater recycling

The company's production technology is an almost fully closed water cycle. Most of the wastewater from the plant is carefully treated in its own wastewater treatment plant and returned to the production process. Waste sludge is then used for the production of building bricks apart from other materials.

Other activities:

  • maximum use of raw materials from local sources to reduce the negative impact of transportation
  • use of recyclable packaging materials ( recycled PE or cardboard )
  • secondary use of waste materials from the production of slabs ,sludge , and left-overs for the production of cement mixtures
  • extraction and combustion of vapours and the use of dust filters
  • extended use of products even at the expiration of its life-span (removal from its original location , transformation into a new product such as tiles, mosaics, crushing etc. )

Economical, ecological, elegant

The environmental theme in the Technistone® portfolio also includes an exceptional Eco collection with an offer of  Eco colours. The elegant and very affordable products from the elegance range include raw materials from the Czech Republic and are characterized by a medium-coarse structure and earthy colours in shades of white, grey and beige. The products are certified by SCS Global Services, The share of the recycled component in the product is at least 30%. They can be viewed in the Colour Range under the names  Elegance Eco NevElegance Eco Zen and Elegance Eco Ash.

By including selected Technistone® materials in a planned project it is possible to meet the conditions stipulated for '' green building '' programmes (LEED, WELL, Living Building Challenge and others). An overview of products, their categorization according to use and the corresponding certification for the given product can be found in the Origin Build database.

Plan your own space

Do you want to know how Technistone® might look in your kitchen, living room, bathroom or anywhere else? Try out our visualizer to get a better idea of using Technistone®.

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