Sustainable development and environmental responsibility as part of corporate culture

Living in harmony with nature and not taking its beauty for granted

This should guide us as individuals and as company. At Technistone, we do our utmost to preserve its resources while acting as considerately as possible in our operations. We want to be a support to nature, an equal partner and, above all, a good steward. That is why we strive to apply this responsible environmental approach not only in production but also in our daily lives. We want to promote sustainable development for ourselves and future generations.

There is no stone like a TechniStone®

Technistone®, engineered stone made by people for people. Its uniqueness lies in the combination of natural beauty and modern 21st century technology. It is made from crushed quartz, silica sand and granite, which make up more than 90% of the product. By using them, we are reducing the impact on the landscape caused by the extraction of natural stone blocks, which is causing this hidden wealth to be irreversibly lost. The natural components in engineered stone are complemented by mirror or glass shards and small amounts of colour pigments, enabling us to achieve original colour variations and textures beyond nature's capabilities. All the raw materials are held tightly together by the resin, which gives Technistone® its distinctive properties leading to the promotion of sustainable homes without high maintenance and cleaning requirements.

Giving waste a new chance with the 3Rs

REDUCE - RECYCLE - REUSE. The three magic Rs that are increasingly resonating in our society and permeating all areas of human life. Today's modern world uses up, buys, consumes, throws away. It is high time to start rethinking our behavior. By reducing waste, we can help preserve natural beauty as we know it. Technistone has already taken some steps along this path.


The world is largely based on consumption. The best we can do for our planet is to use its resources prudently and reduce the side effects of using them.

To reduce emissions and the associated negative environmental impacts caused by the burden of long-distance international transport by road and ship, we strive to use the available sources of raw materials from the Czech Republic. At the same time, we are opening our own distribution warehouses at the location of our international branches, from where the supply of boards is carried out locally.

With tap water filtration containers available on the premises for employees, we are helping to reduce the amount of plastic packaging and carbon dioxide emissions caused by the transport of bottled water. Of course, waste and bio-waste are sorted.

We also think about the state of the air. With an advanced air handling system with a series of cyclone separators and subsequent filters, we significantly reduce dust from the production areas of the plant. Fluidized transport technology for micro-milled materials also contributes to the improved condition.


Select Technistone® products contain a minimum of 20, 30, 40 or 70% recycled content. These are mainly unused waste materials from other manufacturers generated during processing, especially glass and mirror shards. The SCS Recycled Content certificate from SCS Global Services is proof of their content. Technistone has already been certified for 42 products.

More than 90% of the wastewater from the entire plant passes through the water treatment plant and is returned to the production process. The remaining sludge, consisting mainly of sands, is provided to regional manufacturers for the production of building materials such as cement mixes, bricks and blocks, where it serves as a silica correction in the mix used.

Other uses are also found for the offcuts resulting from the initial processing of manufactured slabs to the final product dimension. Over 90% is crushed and provided to companies as backfill for the construction of new roads.

The use of recycled materials is essential, saving primary resources and the environment.


The best solution to waste is to prevent it. Technistone® engineered stone has exceptional properties that allow it to retain its long-lasting beauty for many years. Its other advantages include a wide variety of applications. The product can be reused in different forms and variations, thus contributing to long-term sustainability.

If the management of Technistone® decides to make a change, e.g. replacing a kitchen worktop with a screen, the existing material can be resized and used in other parts of the interior such as a side table, wall cladding, window sills, workbench, etc. The engineered stone does not lose its properties and by reusing it, the owner avoids further acquisition costs.

We take the same approach to installations that are purposefully created for a specific occasion. It gives us the greatest satisfaction when the beauty of the material can continue to bring joy to children and adults alike.

Technistone's Environmental Code

  • Behaving responsibly and creating a positive attitude towards the environment
  • Using and prioritizing work practices that save the planet
  • Reducing inefficient consumption of potable water
  • Creating quality working conditions
  • Meeting European and American standards declared by green certificates

We take a responsible approach not only to the environment but also to our employees. We are continuously working on changes to the working environment in production halls and administrative areas. Whether it is a complete revitalization of internal and external areas of the site or the expansion of employee benefits, only a stable and pleasant environment can contribute to the promotion and achievement of common interests.

Plan your own space

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