Maintenance of TechniStone®

TechniStone® materials and products are of among the most high-quality, durable goods available on the market today, but they are not without limitations. These basic recommendations and guidelines for daily use and regular maintenance will help to ensure their continued long life and beauty.

Technistone recommends:

In order to safeguard the long-term gloss it is not recommended to regularly cut food or other products directly on the surface.

  • Heightened caution be observed while using special knives and sharp objects (steak knives, grill needles and spikes, etc.).
  • Hot iron/stainless steel utensils, cigarettes, lamps, etc. can cause significant material damage
  • Avoid using of cleaning agents containing hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, sodium hydroxide, hydrogen peroxide and other cleaning additives can cause irreversible changes to the material’s color (Savo, drain cleaners, mold, grease and scale cleaners, etc.).

Proceed with caution when handling utensils and other metal objects especially on the edges or corners of the surface (even the hardest stone can be damaged by heavy objects).

Spilled liquids (like coffee, tea, oil, juice from fruits and vegetables, blood, kitchen cleaning agents, etc.) should be wiped up and rinsed with water as soon as possible or if necessary, cleaned with one of the recommended cleaning agents.

Non-concentrated cleaning agents can be used to clean TechniStone® material. For frequent maintenance, we recommend using the products of the following companies: Fila, Bellinzoni, HG International, Moeller Chemie, Lithofin, Akemi, Lasselsberger, Tenax, etc.


Cleaning in high traffic areas

In general, it is recommended to entrust the cleaning and impregnation in hight traffic areas to specialized companies. However we list at least some of the most important rules:

  1. For cleaning very dirty tiles, use only recommended products and do not mix chemicals together.
  2. For the protection of TechniStone® products in high traffic areas, use recommended protection and impregnation agents.
  3. Where the product is subjected to higher mechanical loads and greater presence of abrasive and liquid contaminants, impregnation is expected and recommended .

Special Surfaces

Special Surfaces

In order to protect products with special surfaces, impregnate them with products recommended by the producer.

Depending on the load to which the surface is subjected, it is necessary to renew the impregnation from time to time. It is recommended to entrust the application of impregnating products to a specialized company. Once the protecting or impregnating coating is dry, it should be polished. If the polishing is done by machine, use only disks with artificial fibers (PAD LUX) and never use disks with steel bristles!

Cleaning in high traffic areas

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