About TechniStone® material

TechniStone® material consists of high-quality natural raw materials (quartz and granite), particles of glass and mirror shards, and a small amount of pigments. Everything is joined together, with high-quality polyester resin and machined into highly durable slabs. Thanks to carefully selected raw materials and original Breton production technology, TechniStone® achieves excellent properties, especially high strength and compactness. Customers appreciate the easy maintenance, non-porous surface and high resistance to bacteria and scratches. An extensive range of colors and patterns offers a flexible number of options for combining engineered stone with other interior elements.

Advantages of TechniStone®

Easy Maintenance & Cleaning Easy Maintenance & Cleaning
Suitable for Food Contact Suitable for Food Contact
Quartz & NaturalRaw Materials Quartz & NaturalRaw Materials
Long Lifetime & Durability Long Lifetime & Durability
Highly Scratch Resistant Highly Scratch Resistant
Highly Stain & Natural Acid Resistant Highly Stain & Natural Acid Resistant
Highly Bacteria-Resistant Highly Bacteria-Resistant
Waterproof Waterproof








Slab dimensions

Jumbo 155

Usable area

318.5 cm × 155 cm

Usable area in m2

4.94 m2

Jumbo 160

Usable area

320 cm × 160 cm

Usable area in m2

5.12 m2

Jumbo 165

Usable area

330 cm × 165 cm

Usable area in m2

5.45 m2

Certification of TechniStone® engineered stone

Technistone is one of the leading manufacturers of engineered stone in the world. In order to meet our customers' ever-increasing demand for our modern materials and their important advantages, we regularly upgrade our manufacturing process and update and expand the certifications of the quality and safety of TechniStone® materials.

More about certifications

Product maintenance

TechniStone® material used for kitchen worktops and other home elements can be maintained with common non-abrasive kitchen cleaners. If intensive cleaning is required (e.g. removal of accumulated grease around a stove or limescale on a sink), we recommend the use of certain products (see maintenance manual). After using these products, the surface of the product must be washed down with detergent and clean water.

Prolonged exposure to aggressive cleaners may damage the surface of the product. It is important to use only products suitable for cleaning engineered stone surfaces, which may not be identical to natural granite or ceramic cleaners.

More information Download maintenance manual

TechniStone® warranty

Technistone provides a 10-year warranty on slabs for interior use.

The warranty must be activated by registering your TechniStone® product on the Company‘s website in the “Customer Care“ section under “Warranty“(or follow the link below). The warranty starts the day that the fabricated slabs are installed by a licensed fabricator in the interior living space. Registration must be done within 30 days of said installation. This warranty is provided by Technistone only for slabs installed in an interior living space (i.e. for indoor use), and is not valid for slabs installed in public areas

The guarantee must be activated by registration of the TechniStone® product on the company‘s website and will be effective from the date the product is installed in the interior space. Registration must be completed within thirty days of the date the slab is installed.

More information Warranty registration

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