About Technistone® Materials

Technistone® material consists of high-quality natural raw materials (quartz and granite) and glass mirror fractions and a small amount of colour pigments. Everything is joined together, with high-quality polyester resin and machined into highly durable slabs. Thanks to carefully selected raw materials and original Breton production technology, Technistone® achieves excellent properties, especially high strength and compactness. Customers especially appreciate the easy maintenance, non-porous surface and high resistance to bacteria and scratches. An extensive range of colours and patterns offers a flexible number of options for combining engineered stone with other interior elements.

Material advantages

  • European quality and accuracy of processing
  • Italian made original Breton technology
  • Sophisticated measurement of color shades slabs
  • Color uniformity, pattern throughout the depth of material
  • Over 90% natural ingredients
  • Use of recycled materials for selected products
  • Use of the seamless connection plates for perfect line patterns
  • Compact material without pores
  • Harmless (no health hazard)
  • Certification and tests according to European and American standards


Trend Collection

Interior design is influenced by industrial style through the characteristic natural beauty of raw materials. Modern technological advancements in the processing of raw materials have greatly changed the perception and use of building materials in the traditional presentation of art. It is on this basis that we have prepared a new collection of four materials made from hardened Technistone® stone, inspired by elements of urban and city architecture. The name is TREND. Not only are the materials new but also the original surface finish called Terra which combines soft 3D reliefs with an almost plastic structure. The surface called Terra is a preferred alternative to the latest product called Ambiente Light and Residente Dark. This collection justifiably complements the Gobi Urban and Noble Concrete Grey in the popular matt finish. 

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Noble Collection

The Noble Collection expresses a perfect balance between the dynamics within the beauty of nature’s phenomena and 21stcentury technology. The collection gives rise to a new generation of marbled patterns with the special characteristics of engineered stone. Our innovative colors are centered on shades of greys and browns with such amazing depth, it brings home a true to life 3D effect. Nobles are offered in luxury shades of white, beige and brown, with delicate hints of elegant grey or black lines completing the look.

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Serenity Collection

Full of emotions. Those are the products from Technistone’s new Serenity collection. Shades that are very popular among customers, enriched with mystery and desire, spiced with something new and unexpected. If you let your dreams run wild, your endless imagination takes over or you are looking for peace and harmony, then you are sure to find your favorites. Serenity can fulfill your wishes. Turn your dreams into reality and let yourself be carried away by the beauty of compelling lines.

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Plan your own space

Do you want to know how Technistone® might look in your kitchen, living room, bathroom or anywhere else? Try out our visualizer to get a better idea of using Technistone®.


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Join the digital world of Technistone and create a new reality around you! Discover new possibilities of using TechniStone® material with our new application Technistone AR. Download for free on the App Store and Google Play!

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