Tiles and Stairs

TechniStone® can be used in many different ways in an interior. For larger areas, its applications include flooring and designer staircases. The texture of engineered stone on an indoor stone wall stands out beautifully in open spaces. Our customers also often ask for fireplace surrounds and inserts. Any professional fabricator can realize attractive designs for tiling around a fireplace and creating decorative mantelpieces.

Tiles and Stairs

Stone for Flooring in Interiors

Tiling a floor with engineered stone is an excellent choice, not only because of TechniStone®’s timeless, luxurious designs, but also because of its high quality and great utility.

Stone to Build a Stairway to Heaven

A staircase made of engineered stone is sure to become a unique design element and the dominant feature of any room. A TechniStone® staircase is fully functional and will look luxurious and elegant for many years. A cascade of stairsteps or an airy, floating staircase made of engineered stone simply looks beautiful. TechniStone® can easily be combined with railings made of different materials.

An Indoor Stone Wall for a Stylish and Functional Fireplace

A tiled fireplace made with engineered stone is a modern element that accentuates the charm of any home.

Easy Maintenance & Cleaning Easy Maintenance & Cleaning
Suitable for Food Contact Suitable for Food Contact
Quartz & NaturalRaw Materials Quartz & NaturalRaw Materials
Long Lifetime & Durability Long Lifetime & Durability
Highly Scratch Resistant Highly Scratch Resistant
Highly Stain & Natural Acid Resistant Highly Stain & Natural Acid Resistant
Highly Bacteria-Resistant Highly Bacteria-Resistant
Waterproof Waterproof


Crystal Nevada
Various colors 2018 Porsche showroom Beirut, Lebanon
Various colors 2017 Dadour ABC Verdun mall Beirut, Lebanon
Various colors 2016 Lusail Multipurpose Hall Al Masrouhiya, Qatar
Starlight Black 2015 Cinema City Prague, Czech Republic
Brilliant White 2014 Forever 21 Paris, France
Starlight White 2012 New Hall Gallery Prague, Czech Republic
Various colors 2011 Heathrow Airport, Great Britain London, Great Britain
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