Indoor stone walls, stone in the interior

Indoor stone walls, stone in the interior


In addition to its most common use in kitchens, engineered stone also appears very frequently in the interior in the form of indoor stone walls, paving or designer staircases. All implementations stand out best in large open halls, where the texture of the decor can shine in its full glory. For maximum comfort, Technistone® tiles are very often installed together with underfloor heating. The declared slip resistance of R9 and R10 (depending on the surface finish) can be enhanced by the additional safety feature of milled slip-resistant grooves.

Stone in the interior can take many forms. Fireplace inserts are one of the most frequently requested furnishings in modern homes and are most often used in the kitchen or living area. The simple solution of tiling and decorative edges of the mantelpiece will be provided by any professional fabricator.


Indoor Stone Walls, Floors, and Stairs


TechniStone® can be used in many different ways in an interior. For larger areas, its applications include flooring and designer staircases. The texture of engineered stone on an indoor stone wall stands out beautifully in open spaces. Our customers also often ask for fireplace surrounds and inserts. Any professional fabricator can realize attractive designs for tiling around a fireplace and creating decorative mantelpieces.


Stone for Flooring in Interiors


Tiling a floor with engineered stone is an excellent choice, not only because of TechniStone®’s timeless, luxurious designs, but also because of its high quality and great utility.


Stone to Build a Stairway to Heaven


A staircase made of engineered stone is sure to become a unique design element and the dominant feature of any room. A TechniStone® staircase is fully functional and will look luxurious and elegant for many years. A cascade of stairsteps or an airy, floating staircase made of engineered stone simply looks beautiful. TechniStone® can easily be combined with railings made of different materials.


An Indoor Stone Wall for a Stylish and Functional Fireplace


A tiled fireplace made with engineered stone is a modern element that accentuates the charm of any home.

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