Window sills and bars

The most common use of engineered stone is in the form of kitchen worktops, but an island or a unique bar topped with engineered stone will quickly become the centerpiece of any modern kitchen. A combination of engineered stone and other materials will add up to a timeless, stylish design that will never get old. TechniStone® stands up to everyday use and is scratch and impact resistant. Another great advantage is its hardened surface, which does not absorb liquid and resists water, oils, and various cleaning agents.

Window sills and bars

Islands for Open-Plan Kitchens

A kitchen island quartz top is a very effective, practical choice for today’s modern, open-plan kitchens, in which the furnishings can be arranged to make optimal and effective use of space. Such a kitchen is modern and airy, and provides flexible options for placement of cabinets and appliances. When considering a kitchen island, it is first necessary to decide which room the kitchen will be open to. Most often, this is the dining room or living room. A kitchen island provides an ideal solution for a smooth transition between the rooms. It can be matched to the style of the kitchen cabinets or given a unique finish. However, you should not forget to integrate the design of the kitchen, the island, and the room to which they are opened up.

Original Kitchen Islands Made with Engineered Stone

An open kitchen is not essential for an island; you can also put one into an enclosed kitchen. Generally, the island should allow plenty of freedom for movement and provide an additional cooking area that can be accessed easily from all sides. A quartz-top island can be installed in different types of kitchens, such as those that have an L- or U-shape.

A Modern Kitchen Bar Can Fit into Any Space

Bars stand out in kitchens for their functionality and originality. A bar counter is multifunctional and one of its undeniable advantages is its versatility. Not only can it increase the work area of a kitchen, it can also function as a dining table and accommodate additional seating. Bars often

become the dominant feature of an entire room, but they can also blend in with the kitchen and complement it perfectly. In most cases, the bar is a high tabletop or a full-length counter with stools for sitting. In a smaller apartment, a bar is usually more of an extension of the kitchen’s worktop. In larger spaces, don’t be afraid to create a longer work surface that has a bar on one side and a kitchen worktop on the other.

Kitchen Bars Made with Engineered Stone

A kitchen with a bar is a modern and practical addition to any home. Engineered stone in a color that matches or contrasts with the kitchen’s cabinets will give the room an original, luxurious look and style. The choice is yours. If you prefer stylish elegance, choose the same material and color for both the kitchen work and the bartop. If you want an eye-catching design element, then go with two different shades. Don’t forget to choose stools that match not only the bar, but also the kitchen.

A Quartz-Top Island or Bar in a Modern Kitchen

Kitchen islands and bars are not just today’s fad. Architects and designers have known how practical they are for years. Moreover, you can put a bar or island into any kitchen, whether it is small or spacious, closed or open. You are not limited to a particular style because a bar or island can be designed in any one of them. You just need to add the appropriate accessories. Furthermore, an island or bar top need not serve only as a work area, or a washing and cooking center. Their advantage lies in the extra storage space you can get from them with good planning. Don't forget to pay attention to the ergonomics of your kitchen and the recommended distances between appliances.

Easy Maintenance & Cleaning Easy Maintenance & Cleaning
Suitable for Food Contact Suitable for Food Contact
Quartz & NaturalRaw Materials Quartz & NaturalRaw Materials
Long Lifetime & Durability Long Lifetime & Durability
Highly Scratch Resistant Highly Scratch Resistant
Highly Stain & Natural Acid Resistant Highly Stain & Natural Acid Resistant
Highly Bacteria-Resistant Highly Bacteria-Resistant
Waterproof Waterproof


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