Kitchen countertops

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in almost any household. It’s the heart of your home and should make you feel comfortable and at ease. At the same time, it has to be highly functional, practical, and sustainable, and tough enough to withstand the demands of everyday cooking. At best, it has to meet or even exceed all our expectations. 

Of course, such a kitchen requires careful planning and a well-considered, beautiful design that will impress your guests, but won’t become boring to you either. A quality worktop made from engineered stone will enhance any kitchen, whatever its style. TechniStone® engineered stone worktops are a sure thing, whether you want to give your kitchen a slight facelift or dress it up in a whole new design.

Kitchen countertops

TechniStone® Worktops 

Thanks to their excellent utility, engineered stone worktops are the most popular choice for kitchens. It’s no wonder that TechniStone® is most often used wherever a premium quality result is desired. Customers appreciate its extreme strength, durability, and luxurious design. Slabs of TechniStone® are available in a wide range of colors, all of which are guaranteed to be made from only the highest quality materials. 

Extremely Durable, Multi-functional Stone Kitchen Worktops 

There’s no doubt that a quality worktop is essential in a practical kitchen. Its selection should not be taken for granted because it has to meet certain requirements and be able to strain of everyday use. Engineered stone is not only suitable for worktops, but also for wall coverings, backsplashes behind the kitchen work area, built-in sinks that match the worktop, and kitchen islands and bars. 

The Long-Lasting Beauty of a Stone Kitchen Worktop 

A stone worktop not only adds unique style and everlasting beauty to your kitchen, but is also incredibly practical thanks to its excellent utility. Engineered stone stands out because it is very easy to maintain — in fact, it is almost maintenance free. It is suitable for contact with food because it’s highly resistant to scratches and — thanks to its non-porosity — stains and bacteria as well. The quartz-based material is also extremely strong and therefore resistant to most impacts. Your kitchen will remain beautiful, original, and timeless for years to come. 

Matt and Polished Stone Worktops 

TechniStone® slabs are produced in a polished or matt surface finish, or with a special terra finish. Customers most commonly choose engineered stone with a polished, glass-like finish when furnishing their kitchens. The great advantage of this smooth, non-porous surface is that it is non-absorbent, which reduces the growth and spread of bacteria. On the other hand, the matt surface has a very low gloss, which is also popular. The matt finish does not reflect as much light as the polished surface and is a style that is more suited for contemporary kitchens. The polished finish goes best with traditional kitchens. In any event, the excellent properties of engineered stone are the same regardless of its surface finish. 

Stone Kitchen Worktops Suit Every Style 

Stone kitchen worktops go well in any kitchen, whether you opt for a highly modern look, or a rustic, industrial, or romantic Provençal style. You can choose from slabs in a variety of solid colors, or try out a luxurious marbled design with a bold or subtle look. The unique Terazzo Collection, which emphasizes the interplay of color on a uniform base in its decors, is beautiful and even more daring than most.

Combining Engineered Stone Worktops with Other Materials 

Engineered stone combines beautifully with many other materials. The only limit is your imagination, because the possibilities are nearly endless. However, it’s best to choose accessories that harmonize not only with the worktop, but also with the overall style and atmosphere of your kitchen. It is also worth taking into account the space you have available. A large kitchen will look good with a matt finish worktop in a dark color combined with metallic accessories and wood. A gloss white is better for smaller spaces, because it optically enlarges them and gives them a luxurious feel. Combinations with wood, iron, glass, and concrete are widely popular. 

A Stone Kitchen Worktop as a Personal Statement 

Engineered stone is becoming more and more popular and it’s no wonder. The advantages of the material are indisputable. TechniStone® comes in a wide range of modern designs that will make the kitchen your own special place, to which you will always be happy to return. Do you like TechniStone® kitchen worktops? Browse our gallery or visit our showroom and get inspired!

Easy Maintenance & Cleaning Easy Maintenance & Cleaning
Suitable for Food Contact Suitable for Food Contact
Quartz & NaturalRaw Materials Quartz & NaturalRaw Materials
Long Lifetime & Durability Long Lifetime & Durability
Highly Scratch Resistant Highly Scratch Resistant
Highly Stain & Natural Acid Resistant Highly Stain & Natural Acid Resistant
Highly Bacteria-Resistant Highly Bacteria-Resistant
Waterproof Waterproof


Bronze Coast
Wild Yucca
Wedding Lily
Morning Daisy
Country Rose
Country Rose
Mystery White
Noble Portland Grey
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