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Technistone launches the new Terazzo collection

After the success of the Serenity collection, Technistone has come up with four beautiful new decors.

After the success of the Serenity collection, Technistone has come up with four beautiful new decors.

Source: Technistone, Taurus Terazzo Gray

Technistone, one of the world's leading manufacturers of hardened stone, is again pushing the boundaries of design. After the great success of the marble decors of the Serenity collection, Technistone decided to come up with something completely different. It excels in commitment, combining the unique development of quartz with the latest design trends while maintaining the highest quality. The company has had the best year in its history, and is preparing a number of innovations for next year as part of Wilsonart® Engineered Surfaces.

Taurus Terazzo Gray, Taurus Terazzo White, Taurus Terazzo Black and Taurus Terazzo Dark are four products that were introduced at the end of August as the new Terazzo collection. It might seem that Technistone was inspired by this return to a distinctive coarse grain structure from its own past, but the opposite is true. The rediscovered beauty of this motif is demanded by the market. The colorful composition of the decors creates a fresh, yet very natural look. Grain size also affects the nature of the products and their use. Thanks to its high quartz content, you can safely use this collection on pavements or stairs.

 Source: Technistone, Taurus Terazzo Dark

All Terazzo decors are also available in the matt finish. Its shades are unique, bold and unusual. It directly invites our creativity to take action. The Terazzo collection brings power to tired interiors and promotes change. It is ideal for design and practical interiors. It looks great in kitchens as well as large format bathroom tops. Try to plan your interior with a special visualizer.

The material of the third millennium

TechniStone® is especially revolutionary due to the combination of crushed quartz with resin, which gives it its characteristic durable properties. Its main advantage is zero water absorption, strength and high resistance to scratches, stains or UV radiation. Thanks to these functional properties, TechniStone® is ideal for use on kitchen countertops, bathroom tiles, but also in busy commercial space in the form of tiles. With timeless design, it provides the preconditions for the perfect home of the third millennium.

Source: Technistone, Taurus Terazzo White

Technistone currently offers its customers 60 shades. Among them are products from the Eco collection, which is due to lower traffic load environmentally friendly and economical for a lower price. It is made of recyclable materials of local origin. In the Essential collection, Crystal Absolute White plays a prime role. It is one of the whitest shades in the world. The Exterior collection is appreciated by world-renowned architects. It is the first collection designed for outdoor use on facades and outdoor kitchens. The Starlight collection, on the other hand, is a unique example of the perfect glitter that Technistone created to opened the gates to global success 20 years ago. Technistone is committed to sustainability. State-of-the-art manufacturing technology gives exceptional input to raw materials. This creates a high-quality product conforming to the standards of modern times with the important added value of environmentally friendly production.

Source: Technistone, Taurus Terazzo Black

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