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Smart housing should be natural and timeless. It's going well in the Czech Republic

The "high-tech" interior occupies a growing position in the Czech Republic.

The "high-tech" interior occupies a growing position in the Czech Republic. It symbolizes progress with timelessness. It adds comfort, saves both time and money. For example, with the creation of a smart home, air conditioning, heating, blinds, home appliances, lighting, wiring, home alarm systems, cameras, or door locks can be controlled remotely by smart phones. Technological improvements are widely available to the Czechs for the first time. This is the reason why the Cockpit system was introduced for the first time in the Czech Republic, supplemented by a purely Czech and technologically advanced TechniStone® material. But most importantly, a home with technology should still be a natural home, not a robotic space ship of science fiction.

Ideally, smart housing should be characterized by greater convenience, automation of many home activities and processes, perfect energy consumption regulation without any waste, including the possibility of thoroughly monitoring the results and progress of all the smart features used. Technology should also make our lives safer by detecting the various risks from detecting pollutants in the air, through motion sensors to open window sensors in a timely manner. But it all sounds too complicated and, above all, do we want so much automation around us? Is it really necessary for smart households to adapt the interior itself?


Design smart housing

Regarding the integration of technology into the interior, the natural appearance is the most important. Technology helps make things smarter and more efficient. At present, interior design is characterized by the application of many modern, timeless and sustainable materials. This is why the Cockpit system chose Czech TechniStone® building material to cooperate on the Czech market. They process selected high-quality natural raw materials with state-of-the-art technologies and follow the latest trends of used interior elements, shapes and colors. Last but not least, it is dedicated to the innovation of its products according to the wishes of the international market. This creates a product that combines the creativity of nature and the durability of modern materials, meeting the high demands of today's times. The interior is equipped with systems of perfect technology, but at first glance nothing is visible. Everything is masked, for example, with hidden partitions or suspended ceilings. Everything is perfectly "tidy". It has such a great design of timeless interior, in which the personality, safety and comfort of the owner and his family are of the greatest importance. This is confirmed by Martin Zach, the Czech ambassador of the intelligent Cockpit system. "I now use Cockpit in my apartment. I'm a wheelchair user, and thanks to the system I do not have to solve for example the height of the switches, which I do not quite reach. Throughout the apartment I already have automatic switches to light. For example, in the corridor, where I usually walk quickly, I now have the switch set for two minutes. The bathroom is set to twenty minutes in the bathroom. I often work from home. I can’t stand long at the table, due to my backache. That's why I'm lying in bed. That probably face all people with disabilities. And we all know the situations when we lie down and find out that we have forgotten in the kitchen to switch off the light or have not switched on the heater or the fan. I do not have to get up anymore. I have an aquarium control in my smart phone. Cockpit makes life easier for me. It's a great relief ", says Martin Zach.



Naturally technical kitchen

The kitchen is the most technical room of your home. You can be cold or hot there. You need water, fire, gas or electricity in the kitchen. The centerpiece of the kitchen is always a kitchen countertop. Technologically equipped TechniStone® quartz countertop looks like a regular countertop at first glance, until you find that no food is cold thanks to the built-in heater. Just place your mobile phone in the right place on the countertop to ensure that the battery is recharged. The cooking surface inserted into the board can also have a built-in hood, all controlled by one integrated pushbutton. You can also find an invisible electrical socket at the first glance, which turns based on your command on and off. It's a third millennium countertop, one could say. The future of interior design. "We are just trying to use classical space in a different way. With intelligent technology, we can change the classic and verified things depending on what one needs. It is great that the countertop is designed to work with it in this harmony and vision. Stonework workshops, including Bruno Paul, can fit the lights and drawers into the countertops so that only the necessary is seen. The countertops are also environmentally and economically sustainable. The countertop is also highly resistant to bacteria. Technistone was created thanks to the sophisticated technologies and skills of Czech experts. By connecting to the Cockpit system, Technistone tracks its origin, its purpose, through innovatory processes and modern materials, helping people to achieve happy lives in today's conditions, within reach of natural elements while not burdening the environment around. All technologies are connected to perfection, saving health, time and money", says Andrea Freisleben for Technistone a.s.






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