Interior wall cladding

Decorate the heart of your home with quality and luxury materials that will make you feel special. TechniStone® is the perfect choice for covering walls, not only in the bathroom but also in the living room or bedroom. When you join the slabs so that they and their design perfectly align, an ordinary wall literally becomes a work of art that will always attract the eye. Engineered stone wall cladding is also popular because of its almost zero need for maintenance. Thanks to the wide range of colors and patterns that are available, it's possible to find the right design for any style of room. Surround yourself with luxury and elegance — reach for the quality of TechniStone®.

Interior wall cladding

Engineered Stone Brings a Bit of Nature into Your Home

Quality engineered stone from Technistone is produced with no less than 90 percent of natural raw materials, mainly quartz. The appearance of our slabs is as important to us as any other of its qualities, and is as close to authentic as it can be. TechniStone® for wall coverings is produced with more or less visible veining, and in different textures, colors, and designs.

Stone Tiles Combine Practicality and Elegance

Engineered stone stands out because of its excellent utility, thanks to which it is gaining more and more ground in the market. Owners of walls clad in engineered stone particularly like their non-porous surface, which needs nothing more than a wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dust that settles on it. If engineered stone tiles are installed in a kitchen or bath, they can sometimes come into contact with aggressive compounds like acids. But they can withstand even that if such liquids are quickly cleaned up. Walls can be covered with engineered stone in large-format slabs as well as with smaller-size tiles.

Engineered Stone Walls in Every Interior

One option for use of engineered stone is in the bathroom. This is a very practical application that is easy to install and will delight you with its benefits. Engineered stone can be installed without joints, thanks to which it creates a perfectly smooth and uniform surface where mold and bacteria cannot easily grow. Although its use as wall covering may seem like it is limited to the bathroom, the opposite is true. Engineered stone will also look great on the walls in your living room. It adds a touch of elegance and luxury to any room where you interact with household members or guests on a daily basis. You can also put stone wall cladding into a rustic kitchen and make a matching bartop from it as well.

The Sophisticated Design of Engineered Stone from Technistone

Lining the walls of an entrance hall or lounge with engineered stone guarantees you will get a feeling of satisfaction and an overall great impression from the moment you enter such an elegant room. Thanks to its timeless appearance, engineered stone will never get boring and with the right care will adorn your interior for many years.

Combine Engineered Stone Wall Coverings with Other Materials

Engineered stone is a versatile material that looks great in combination with other materials like metal, glass or wood. By adding a few designer touches to your engineered stone walls, you’ll create a cozy space you’ll always love to come home to.


Easy Maintenance & Cleaning Easy Maintenance & Cleaning
Suitable for Food Contact Suitable for Food Contact
Quartz & NaturalRaw Materials Quartz & NaturalRaw Materials
Long Lifetime & Durability Long Lifetime & Durability
Highly Scratch Resistant Highly Scratch Resistant
Highly Stain & Natural Acid Resistant Highly Stain & Natural Acid Resistant
Highly Bacteria-Resistant Highly Bacteria-Resistant
Waterproof Waterproof


Noble Athos Brown
Imagine Grey
Imagine Grey
Harmonia Navajo
Elegance Eco Nev 2018 Centrum Zana Lublin, Poland
Pearl Lava
Pearl Delta
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