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Interest in Czech quartz abroad is growing. TechniStone® scores in the USA.

Technistone a.s., had the distinctive honor as being the only Czech company featured this year in Orlando, where the prestigious KBIS (Kitchen & Bath Industry Show) is held.

29. January, 2018

Technistone a.s., had the distinctive honor as being the only Czech company featured this year in Orlando, where the prestigious KBIS (Kitchen & Bath Industry Show) is held. As a manufacturer of high-quality quartz, Technistone has introduced new developments in the field of living and interior design for the year 2018. "In addition to the famous benefits of quartz, we introduced the new TechniStone® products; from the most popular Noble Collection to JUMBO-sized materials. Our priority in the US market is to consolidate the position, to acquire new distributors and processors of quartz and to address architects and interior designers directly. Active participation in such a prestigious trade fair confirms our interest to further develop the business and to support its future growth, "says business director Jiří Tupý.


The KBIS exhibition is one of the few world events where leading companies in the industry such as Cosentino, LG, Hanwha, Vicostone, Marmol Compac, Santa Margherita and Samsung, gather to exhibit their products side by side.  This year, the American company Cambria was notably absent, while on other hand, the number of smaller Chinese manufacturers grew. Technistone, a.s. has been active for the third year in the US market, and decided to set up a branch in Virginia last year along with the planning of the KBIS 2018 trade fair. "There is a growing demand for quartz materials in the US, known in the Czech Republic as harden stones. Given the huge commercial potential we want to be even more active in the US this year. The American market is very fragmented, the demand for decors on the eastern coast is different from the Western one, their specific preference is also given by individual states. The quality of service is extremely important. By systematically measuring the shade of the plates, we are able to ensure the color uniformity of the products for all deliveries. Americans are demanding high gloss, high quality and trouble-free machining of boards that do not crack or spoil. Of course, there is a quick availability of the material, which is ensured by a year-old branch with its own stock. TechniStone® is manufactured by the unique European Breton technology, which is generally recognized in the US and preferred over Chinese production, "adds Jiří Tupý.


For this year's KBIS trade fair, Technistone chose 170 square meters of exhibition space to highlight the beauty, uniqueness and quality of European quartz made in the heart of Europe. The area was clearly attracting attention from a distance. Up to seven meters high towers presenting products in a large-format design attracted a number of new visitors with its splendor and helped many customers to orientate themselves in the exhibition hall. A major item in the exhibition space was the absolute innovation in a portfolio of materials to be available in the first half of 2018. New Noble Pro collection features from light sandy to deep, dark gray shades and complements the existing range of unusual 3D structures with distinctive texture veins. Also introduced was Crystal Balance White made of Czech raw materials. The everlasting beauty of the iconic white and the night full of stars represented the shades of the Brilliant Arabesco and the Brilliant Galaxy. The Starlight collection resides in the glowing shine and shimmering of the mirror parts. Lovers of mountains and natural colors can inspire the Harmonia collection that evokes reconciliation and tranquility. The Essential collection is filled with passion and passion for gray, black and white. The majesty and strength of the stone was placed by Technistone in the Rustic collection.


The Technistone exhibition space was attended by representatives of many companies and the general public, who came to the fair to draw inspiration for the kitchen and bathroom interior. In the past year the attendance of the fair was over 80 thousand people, which shows the attractiveness and high quality of the exhibition. This year, according to forecasts, it holds the same number of visitors. The KBIS exhibition also features a sophisticated accompanying program with a number of seminars, conferences and parties. Some exhibitors have enriched their presentation and their own entertainment. There were concerts, classic American bingo, competitions, interesting speakers or artists. Technistone bet on live cooking show. Visitors could practically test the merits of a working stone slab made of quartz. And the interest was really great. People tried the especially resistant to damage Technistone quartz products, mainly by cutting food directly on the kitchen counter tops. They found that the top would be great, but the consumption of blunt knives was rising. Some also tested whether the counter top really absorbs liquids such as red wine, water, vinegar, oil or ketchup. Not only the counter top did not absorb any liquid, but there were no spots left. The fact that the quartz counter tops are easily cleaned by commonly used products and are practically maintenance free, strong and resistant to high temperatures are among their other undisputed and standard advantages. Visitors to the Technistone exhibition space at KBIS 2018 appreciated the fact that they get a very attractive interior and also practical element into the home, which will remain beautiful for many years.

Czech quartz TechniStone® presents its long-lasting beauty proudly in the US and many other projects around the world. For example, in the Middle East, India, Canada, Australia and Africa, the Caribbean, Scandinavia, China, Brazil and Argentina, Russia, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Belgium, Hungary or Hungary. Specific projects include the Lusail Iconic Stadium in Qatar, Changi airports in Singapore, Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted in London, JFK in New York or, for example, the Kempinski Hotel in Mumbai.


About Technistone

Technistone is a Czech producer of quartz from Hradec Králové with over twenty years of tradition. Technistone exports to more than 90 countries worldwide on 5 continents. For its unique features and timeless design, it is searched for by architects, designers and end-users. A wide range of color shades, surface finishes and thicknesses offer customized interior design to meet not only aesthetic but also qualitative demands of all kind of clients in both private and commercial projects. Popular collections include NOBLE, combining the dynamics of nature and 21st century technology. There are similar patterns of marble. The STARLIGHT collection resides in the glowing shine and shimmering of the mirror parts. Lovers of mountains and natural colors can inspire the HARMONIA collection that evokes reconciliation and tranquility. The ESSENTIAL collection is filled with passion and the desire for shades of gray, black and white. The majesty and the strength of the stone were placed by Technistone in the RUSTIC collection. Last but not least, Technistone also cares about environmental protection. For this reason, Technistone has been a member of the USGBC, which brings together sustainable development companies, as a member of the LEED international program since 2014 and is well-suited for the construction of "green" buildings thanks to the production of recycled materials.


Do you know that Czech Technistone has devised the world's finest quartz? It's Crystal Absolute White.



More at www.technistone.cz.


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