Noble Vintage, timeless design

Noble Portland Grey, greyness that inspires

Pearl Alba, white and pure

Noble Vintage

Noble Portland Grey

Pearl Alba

How does TechniStone® reach your home?


Technistone celebrates the 30th anniversary

Stone With Soul

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Decore Ocra

Meet TechniStone® NEW COLORS

Pearl Collection

Gobi Urban

Noble Villa

Trend Collection

Is Technistone® stain resistant? - kids

Is Technistone® stain resistant?

Is Technistone® fragile?

Can i slice on Technistone®?

Where is Technistone® produced?

Is Technistone® fragile? - hockey

Can i put hot objects on Technistone®?

Is Technistone® resistant to damage?

Noble Arco

Terazzo Collection

Origin of Quartz

About us. Technistone Company

Noble Linea

Taurus Terazzo Grey

Crystal Belgium

Technistone Introduction

Inspireli Awards - Karel Smejkal

Buamim - Marble and Granite Factory in Dubai

Inspiration meets innovation - Noble collection

KBIS Technistone 2018

Beauty of Noble Collection

Beauty of Brilliant Collection

Everlasting beauty of Technistone quartz

Technistone - KBIS 2018

Technistone Durability Test

The creation of Technistone countertop

Technistone material characteristics

Plan your own space

Do you want to know how Technistone® might look in your kitchen, living room, bathroom or anywhere else? Try out our visualizer to get a better idea of using Technistone®.


Explore Technistone´s Augmented Reality

Join the digital world of Technistone and create a new reality around you! Discover new possibilities of using TechniStone® material with our new application Technistone AR. Download for free on the App Store and Google Play!

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