Check Out More of This Year’s Product Surprises!

The year 2023 is a really important year for us, especially in terms of new product launches. Today, we're presenting you with new products for the third time this year. You will find one of them in the Serenity collection and the other two enhance our Standard collection.

Imagine Grey – There are times when we can't decide whether to go for black or white. Imagine Grey was made for those moments. A time when you don’t want to stand on principle and the best choice is a compromise. Imagine Grey was born from the subtlety of the Crystal Calacatta Silva decor and the distinctive character of Poetic Black. Its grey surface is punctuated by white veins and brings originality and balance to an interior. Every lover of timeless design will now find something to choose from in the Serenity collection.



Harmonia Navajo – A beige that creates and promotes harmony. The stable and time-tested shade of beige has solid advantages and will never let you down. Harmonia Navajo lends itself to everything in its surroundings. It provides an interior with a solid foundation and lets its distinctive elements stand out. Neutral, harmonious, faithful, and dependable. Rely on it for generations to come.



Crystal Vulcano – Elegant and confident — that's how the black-on-black design of the new Crystal Vulcano looks. It will delight anyone who prefers dark shades with its mysterious nature and hidden secrets. It's a unique shade of black inspired by the energy of volcanic activity. Crystal Vulcano expands the range of Technistone’s black decors from which to choose.



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