TechniStone® in Möbel Martin’s Stores

TechniStone® engineered stone is now even more accessible to the public. You can find it in Möbel Martin stores, which are the foremost retailer of quality furniture and home furnishings in Germany. Engineered stone is installed in a number of their model kitchens, in the towns of Ensdorf, Kaiserslautern, Konz, Mainz, Meisenheim, Neeunkirchen, Saarbrücken, and Zweibrücken.

Carsten Schulz, director of Technistone’s German branch, has been cooperating with Möbel Martin from the very beginning, so we asked him a few questions:

  • Who selected the Technistone decors for the kitchens at Möbel Martin? Why were those specific decors chosen?

The decors were selected by the Möbel Martin designers to best complement the selected model kitchens.

  • Which Technistone decors are most popular in Germany?

The most popular Technistone decors are undoubtedly Ambiente Light, Pearl Delta, Crystal Calacatta Silva, Noble Concrete Grey, and Taurus Terazzo Dark. But new decors like our Noble Portland Grey and Noble Vintage have been doing well since their launch in January.

With the presentation of our new Calacatta colors in April, we are certainly introducing some popular new products into competition as well.

  • How many countertops were installed in the Möbel Martin chain?

In total, we have more than 25 Technistone exhibition panels on display in the various Möbel Martin stores.

  • Which stonemason installed the slabs?

Möbel Martin worked together with our premium partner Steinwerk Köstner, from Mannheim, Germany.

  • How long did it take to install all the kitchen countertops?

The exhibitions were not installed all at once, but in several steps. New colors are still being added from time to time. But it certainly takes three or four months from the planning stage to final installation.

  • Are you satisfied with the result? Is it important for Technistone to appear in locations that are more accessible to the public?

I‘m very happy with the result. It is very important that our products are displayed in real-life situations, as are the worktops in the model kitchens in the Möbel Martin stores. This one of the best ways for customers to be inspired by our beautiful decors.

We are sending you a little sample of a typical kitchen with TechniStone®:


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