Quartz dining tables

Quartz dining tables


Dining tables and coffee tables are an integral part of home comfort. Their strength, non-absorption and high resistance to mechanical damage and stains ensure their long-lasting beauty even after years of daily use.

Quartz dining tables made of a single-colored material fit into the minimalist interior concept. On the other hand, a tabletop with a distinctive veining or 3D structure will stand out at first glance. The industrial-style table top can be complemented with a simple metal base, while for a solid table with a thickness of more than 30 mm, the material can be visually reinforced with an invisible glue joint.


A Quartz Dining Table


Tables are indispensable furnishings for every home interior. At table, we share, network, strengthen our family and friendship ties, eat, drink, and socialize. The shapes and sizes of tables change depending on their different functions. Whether it’s for a large or small quartz dining table, a coffee table, or a dressing table, engineered stone is always a great choice, especially if you love original designs whose beauty won’t ever fade away.


Quartz Dining Tables Made with TechniStone®


Durability, non-porosity and strong resistance to mechanical damage make engineered stone the perfect material for creating a designer quartz dining table that will stand up to everyday use and last for many years. A slab of TechniStone® looks great in combination with solid wood — sturdy, elegant, and luxurious.


Coffee Tables with Engineered Stone


Another great option is a coffee table or side table that will draw attention with its unique look. People who love minimalism will appreciate solid-color tables with metal legs, but bold veins or a 3D texture are other good options.


Stone-based Projects

TechniStone® engineered stone finds many applications in the private sector, but also in commercial interiors, where it is increasingly popular in airport terminals, shopping malls, cinemas, and restaurants. In commercial buildings and public facilities, the emphasis is on sustainability and high-quality material.

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