Certification of Technistone® engineered stone

Technistone is one of the leading manufacturers of engineered stone in the world. In order to meet the ever-increasing customers' requirements for modern materials and their characteristics, it is necessary not only to regularly upgrade the manufacturing process but also update and expand the certification which forms the basis of the quality and safety of Technistone® materials.

An overview of the products and their classification according to use and corresponding certificates are available in the Origin Build database.

Contact with foodstuffs

The product is compatible with foodstuffs. For more information visit NSF International..

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Health Safety 

The product can be safely used for fitted kitchens. More information about National Health Institute.
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The Indoor Advantage Gold certificate implies compliance with the requirements of the standards for quality atmosphere in the interior. The product does not emit any substances which can negatively influence the quality of air in an enclosed space. For more information visit SCS Global Services.

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The product complies with the criteria stipulated in the Standard Method V1.2-2017 of the Californian Department of Public Health as regards use in schools and office environment. For more information visit UL GREENGUARD Certification Program and SPOT (Sustainable Product Database).

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The product does not contain any volatile organic materials (VOC). For more information mindful  MATERIALS Label.
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The product does not contain any volatile organic materials (VOC). For more information about The Tile Council of North America, Inc.

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The product does not contain any volatile organic materials (VOC). More information about National Health Institute.

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The product is manufactured using the original Breton technology and does not contain any volatile organic materials

Product composition

The Declare Label database is a transparent platform with information on product origin and composition. The product categories in this database have their own Declare label to prove their safety for use in planned construction projects. For more information go to  International Living Future Institute.

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The Health Product Declaration Collaborative Protocol examines the chemical substances in a product and compares them with the hazardous substance list published by government and scientific institutions. The product does not contain any unauthorized chemicals. For more information on HPD Collaborative.

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The safe and healthy composition of the product is indicated in the Red List Free Declaration.

Content of recycled raw materials

The selected products contain the ratio of recycled materials in the minimum values 20, 30, 40, and 70 %. More information at SCS Global Services.

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Declaration of Characteristics

Floor and staircases slabs (in the form of tiles up to 60 by 60 cm dimension) conform to the harmonized standard EN 15285:2008.

Declaration of Characteristics

Declaration of Conformity

Conformity of the products listed in the market platform (sanitary and kitchen worktop) with technical documentation and basic requirements are indicated in EN 15388 with the exception of article 5.13.

Declaration of Conformity 


Certificate EN ISO 9001

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Information on specific products for which particular certificates are valid can be found detailed in the certificate under consideration.
For more information about a product, please contact us via our online support,  customerservice@technistone.com, or your sales representative. 

In addition, by including selected Technistone® materials in the planned project, the points needed to meet the conditions of the following "green building" programs can be obtained:



Possible Compliance:

Qualifier Program
CDPH Standard Method v1.1-2010


EPA Recommendations


LEED - v4.1 BPDO - Option 1



LEED - v4.1 Low Emitting Materials


Living Building Challenge (LBC) - Imperative 08


Living Building Challenge (LBC) - Imperative 10 - Red List


RESET Materials - RESET Materials - Ingredients: Reported



RESET Materials - RESET Materials - VOC Emissions


WELL - Feature 04 - VOC Reduction


WELL - Feature 97 - Material Transparency, Part 1


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