Influencers and bloggers

Ambassadors are people who have experience with Technistone® material in their own interior or have been working with it for many years as part of their projects. Browse our gallery of important personalities and be inspired by their living and ideas!


Joanna Jędrzejczyk

For many years she has remained one of the most popular athletes in Poland. Her recognition was due to her numerous achievements in MMA and Thai boxing.  A former UFC Champion, the largest MMA organization in the world, six-time world champion and five-time European Champion in Thai boxing. She published a book about her path to success: “Warrior. How I Became Invincible ", and the documentary" Invincible "was made about her. Her Instagram account  joannajedrzejczyk is watched by 1.9million users. In her social media, Joanna motivates people to take up physical activity and reveals the secret of the world of a professional athlete. Joanna chose durable Technistone countertops in Crystal Absolute White for her home.

Ania Dominik

For many years she has been running one of the most popular interior design blogs in Poland - On the blog she shares inspirations and ideas for beautiful, innovative interiors. Currently, Ania provides inspiration with the interiors of her own home, which she is currently decorating. The countertops in the new kitchen and bathroom are made of engineered stone Mystery White from Technistone®. Ania won the Blog of the Year Award and the Audience Blog in the competition of one of the most luxurious interior design magazines "Home & Interior". Her account on Instagram is already followed by over 160,000 people .


Cat&Cook foodbloggerka

Rafal Maslak

Rafał Maślak - for many years one of the most popular men in Poland. He gained popularity thanks to the title of the Mister Poland and the third Mister International as well as participation in television programs such as Dance Dance Dance, Dancing with the stars or Star Agent. Rafał also received a nomination for Telekamera of Tele Tydzień, the largest tv guide in Poland. He also hosted television programs. Currently, he plays in the popular Polish series Barwy Szczęścia and runs one of the most interesting Instagram accounts where in a humorous way shows his family life with his wife and little son. The account is already followed by over 320 thousand people For their new home, Rafał and his wife Kamila decided to choose the Crystal Calacatta Silva, which appeared in the kitchen, on the TV wall in the living room and on the stairs.


Tereza Salte

Tereza Salte is a Czech blogger, influencer, podcaster, writer and businesswoman. She started writing the blog about her varied life in Norway. After returning to Prague, she and her husband founded the Elite Bloggers agency, which mediates marketing cooperation between companies and influencers. Her love for Scandinavian design has penetrated the interior of her new house, which has undergone extensive renovations. Thanks to cooperation with OOOOX Designers, its interior has been transformed  to the last detail. The minimalist kitchen is decorated with a Technistone® Poetic Black worktop. The dominant feature of the living room was a fireplace lined with Crystal Calacatta Silva decor.

Architects and Designers

Marco Maio

Marco Maio is a Portuguese architect based in the Czech Republic. He founded the Studio Marco Maio Architects and is a lecturer of architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague. In his works, he emphasizes, among other things, the importance of light in the interior.

Radka Syrová

Radka Syrová specializes in interior design and exhibition stands. She currently lives in Dubai. Her  extensive professional portfolio includes completed projects  in the Czech Republic , the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom . Her design studio is multidisciplinary  with  emphasis on interior design, exhibition design or branding design, including strategy.

Vendula Jelínková

Interior designer and founder of the JELI Design Studio , she has been designing furniture since 2010. Majoring in the field of Interior and Furniture Design has brought her a lot of knowledge and experience in the area of technical processing, construction, materials and, last but not least, design. Her non-traditional "levitating" kitchen is decorated with a Crystal Calacatta Amnis tile. However, she also likes to use Technistone® in the interiors for her clients. See her other design works here.

Markéta Killi

This interior designer and residential architect works in the Urban Interior Studio. Through her interiors , she tries to tell stories. Therefore, she emphasizes the strong and supportive concept of the interior, which is established at the beginning of her work. Along with the client's requirements, she also looks at placing the interior in a wider perspective . Thanks to this, these interiors are distinctive and original . A classical example of these are two luxury apartments, with the kitchen incorporating the use of Technistone® material.


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