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A school in Ghana, built without electricity, has become the winner of the prestigious Inspireli Awa

The Inspireli Awards is designed for students of architecture, design and graduates under 35

The Inspireli Awards is designed for students of architecture, design and graduates under 35 years of age. Francesco Vittorini and Andrea Tabocchini, 25-year-old architects from Italy, won the main prize in the "realization" category with a school prototype of an economically and ecologically sustainable building in Ghana. It was built in 60 days worth € 12,000. Technistone will support the $ 6,000 in Technistone materials to the  young winners in their next project. "Technistone is the general partner of the Inspireli Awards because it believes in investing in young and promising architects and designers who think over time and inspire others. In particular, the company has been trying for over twenty years to produce quartz that saves nature from the violent removal processes commonly used in quarries, making it an economically and environmentally sustainable material for future generations, "says Andrea Freislebenova, head of commerce for Technistone, Czech and Slovak Republic.

Yeboahkrom is a small provincial village in the African country of Ghana. The only school in the area was destroyed by a strong wind. The story was inspired by two young Italian architects, Francesco Vittorini and Andre Tabocchini, who tried to design a new building. Their work notes the lack of local resources to build a school, but at the same time it offers affordable, affordable and easy to implement, sustainable design. It offers an alternative to standard classes.

The prototype of the school building was called InsideOut by the architects. This non-profit project has already received several international awards. It was built in 60 days worth 12,000 Euros. Local residents and volunteers from 20 different countries participated in the construction. The school was built without electricity and from local resources. The site consisted of 58,000 kilograms of soil and roughly 3 kilometers of logs.

The lack of resources at the building site has become a great opportunity and motivation to connect sustainable design and landscape at the same time. The InsideOut project is inspired by the reality surrounding the building, including local culture. The result is a work that blurs the boundaries between the interior and the exterior, and thus conquers the jury for the Inspireli Awards. "Building unrealistically pushes its limits and achieves its perfection. We believe that the support of young architects will make such beautiful and useful buildings more. Francescu and Andreu will support the realization of TechniStone $ 6,000 worth of material in whatever form they wish ", adds Andrea Freislebenova from Technistone.

The Inspireli Awards will take place this Thursday, April 26, 2018, at CTU in Prague (Thákurova 2077/7, Prague 6), and this year, the Faculty proudly celebrates 300 years of architectural education in the Czech Republic. Inspireli Awards will be awarded by winners in the "VISION" category for unrealized projects and "REALIZATION" for the best implemented projects. The last prize is "GRAND PRIZE". It's a major award for an individual whose work best illustrates the spirit of Inspire's artistic director's vase, Wings to the Future. At the prestigious Inspireli Awards 2017, 791 architects and designers from more than 106 countries joined. The jury was composed of over 40 world-wide successful and renowned architects and designers from 6 continents. Let us mention, for example, the Czech Republic Otto Dvořák, Toyo Ito from Japan, Alphonse Kai from Lebanon, Gan Pei from China or Ian Bogle from Great Britain. Inspireli Awards winners also have the opportunity to talk to their jury personally about their work. It's a great chance for them to find interesting information and gain more experience.


Inspireli is a global social networking project on architecture and housing for professionals and the general public. Users view, share and comment on thousands of photos, communicate and establish contacts. Inspire in this way offers the ideal platform for the presentation of architect and designer works to businesses and end customers who can also reach out to them directly through the profile.

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