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New TechniStone® products designed for all the precious moments of your life


The distinctive marbled designs we added to our Wilsonart collection this spring attracted a wave of positive attention. Now this fall, we are looking to repeat and multiply that success with even more new products! We’re expanding our Wilsonart Collection with four impressive new decors.


In our presentation of this fall’s new designs, we’re emphasizing the durability and stability of engineered stone, thanks to which the beauty of TechniStone® will last for generations. Technistone products are made to enhance every moment of your life over many decades.



Let’s begin with the graceful, yet ambitious Altamonte decor! It has a fine, misty background over which clouds of creamy white transition to shades of gold and bronze. It’s the beating heart of the kitchen, where you spend so many precious moments with your loved ones.


Verde Peak

Verde Peak has a bright white, subtly marbleized base that is streaked with grey-green veins in different widths. You don’t have to spend much time keeping engineered stone clean. The ease with which TechniStone® can be maintained is a particular time-saver. You can rely on Verde Peak as a solid addition to your home. It will help you through all your daily chores and be there with you for every happy and enjoyable moment of your life.


Bronze Coast

The white marble-like base of Bronze Coast is rippled with veins in different shades of brown that create an intriguing composition. This design is the ideal companion for interiors decorated in natural colors. Bronze Coast will help you create the perfect place for spending pleasant moments you never want to forget.



This is a design that brings you warm neutral tones on a slightly translucent marble background. Thin, creamy white veins create an active, fissured look that closely resembles natural stone. This inspiring decor will remind you that grace and elegance can be a way of life. Its timeless appearance will never go out of style.

The Wilsonart Collection is not the only one that is expanding its product range. The Serenity Collection is also welcoming a newcomer. Presenting. . .


Romano Ricco

Romano Ricco is a masterpiece! Its ivory background has prominent grey veins that bring out the timeless beauty of the stone. The power of Romano Ricco lies in its combination of classic charm with the spirit of modern times. Immerse yourself in its beauty as you admire it in the waning light of evening or in early morning sunlight.

Which of these new designs has captured your heart?


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