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Квартира в пастельной цветовой гамме с контрастной отделкой – проект Ильи Гульянца

Дизайнер интерьера и основатель El Born Studio Илья Гульянц превратил безликую квартиру в новостройке в функциональное арт-пространство. На небольшой площади разместились уютная спальня, объединенная кухня-гостиная, ванная и гарберобная.

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Большая переделка для семьи Кривошапко

История, знакомая многим родителям: дети выросли, обзавелись своими семьями и покинули отчий дом. А родители привыкли ютиться по углам и занимать их свободные комнаты не спешат.

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7 самых «страшных грехов» в интерьере и инструкция, как их избежать

Планируете ремонт и хотите избежать наиболее распространенных интерьерных «грехов»? Первый шаг к этому — продуманный подход к подбору элементов интерьера, позволяющий избежать непреднамеренных ошибок. Ведь дизайн — это не только искусство, но и наука. Как и в химии, здесь важно знать правильную формулу, чтобы не произошел «взрыв».

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Выбор в пользу качества и практичности: Technistone проанализировала предпочтения аудитории в обустройстве кухонь

Компания ТechniStone, европейский производитель кварцевого камня, провела опрос на тему ремонта и обустройства кухни. 

источник: Российский строительный комплекс

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Просторная гостиная и сливочные оттенки: квартира на Рублёвке

Посмотрите, как архитекторы Наталья Самойлова и Алёна Чмелёва из бюро Perfect-Space оформили интерьер в стиле современный американской классики с мебелью и декором отечественного производства. Читать далее »


Foodies all know Cat & Cook

This famous food blogger and cat lover Ivana Jindřichová has already published two successful cookbooks. Recently, her cat family has grown to include Miňonka and Laskonka and she soon plans put out another culinary oeuvre. The kitchen is her domain and the love of good food is the motivation. “The more foodies out there stronger the idea of traditional cooking.” Therefore, she bakes, cooks and spreads this art further. And she is great at it! Read more »

The Czech hardened stone for international

The popularity of hardened stone or.
quartz in modern international projects. is constantly on the rise..

This is due primarily to its mechanical properties, high resistance, colour stability, flexible application and wide range of available colours from which designers and architects are able to choose. It has become the ideal building material for use in private and commercial projects. In most cases, its application has been extensively in the production of worktops in the kitchen, bathroom slabs or wall treatments. In addition, it has also been technically utilised for fabrication of high-quality paving, staircases, tables, bars and reception areas. Read more »

Make a small room something special

Downstairs loos..or indeed small upstairs loos..can be made inviting by a bit of designer thinking, which means texture, quality materials and expert installationDecorating a cloakroom can often feel more daunting than tackling a bigger space. How do you get the layout right? What if the scale doesn't work? But Roselind Wilson, creative director at Roselind Wilson Design, believes that a small WC actually gives you the chance to unleash your creativity. 'To create impact in a small space, there needs to be a memorable feature that really grabs your attention. This might be a striking wallpaper or the use of bold colour. You need to be braver than you might be in other areas of the house.' Read more »

ArchiExpo - We recommend these kitchens & bathrooms

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The Architectural Trends for 2020

Society is in general committed with the environment, and the architectural trends exactly follow the desire to work with sustainable materials and buildings. Architecture and Design more than a trend is a social manifestation in 2020! Read more »

Lahti Precision

Thanks to its unique characteristics; easy maintenance, non-porous surfaces and high (bacterial/scratch) resistance, Read more »

Clarin Arquitectura

The new materials for floors and walls are extra large. Read more »

Technistone® - The beauty of Advantages

Technistone is a premium compact, durable and non-porous product consisting maily of carefully selected natural materials (quartz and granite). Read more »

Small cottage was transformed into cozy yet spacious living.

There is the feeling of harmony with a breath of the positive and calm. Read more »

What is it like to live 50 years in the same place

The layout of the house was very carefully handled by Tsunami Atelier from Náchod, who had been on the same page as us from the beginning. Read more »


That’s the case for the Czech company, Technistone®, where Mattei compressors and the local distributor, Mondo, work together perfectly. Read more »

Technistone introduces the new Elegance Eco collection

Technistone expands its quartz product line with the new ecological shades of Elegance Eco. Read more »

Stone of the Third Millennium

Stone is a luxury element that brings a sense of tradition, beauty and nature to the interior. Read more »

The new hue of Noble Concrete Grey

That’s the case for the Czech company, Technistone®, where Mattei compressors and the local distributor, Mondo, work together perfectly. Read more »

Lifestyle Lowdown

Small can be beautiful: top tips for a first-class kitchen makeover Read more »

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