Marmomacc 2016

The tradition continues as Technistone was presented at Marmomacc fair in Verona Italy last month. Marmomacc’s popularity is evidenced by the increasing number of exhibitors and visitors; and when compared to last year the growth was an unbelievable 10 %! Marmomacc is the most popular gathering of professionals from the natural and engineered stone industry.

The concept of the Technistone exhibition stand was the spirit of "everlasting beauty". The beauty of engineered stone was captured in stunning pieces of jewelry. The unique, larger than life Technistone jewelry were embedded in frames covered by the new shades of Noble Collection. The dominant feature of the stand was clearly the shiny diamond composed of the popular Technistone colors. "Technistone diamond“  was attractive not only for incoming visitors, but also surrounding exhibitors. Noble Collection materials in shades of beige, white, brown and black with thin veining and shades with a 3D effect were showcased by the attractive presentation in the form of large-size panels and mosaics. Technistone material was presented also in the form of floor tiles, conference tables and a reception countertop.

We thank all the customers and business partners who visited Technistone exhibition stand and look forward to seeing you again soon!


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