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The Technistone headquarters in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic, is currently being modernized with new outdoor advertising billboards and more up to date graphics. The TechniStone® brand is visible not only in the Czech Republic but in many other markets. In Polish Radom, for example, nobody will fail to notice the TechniStone® warehouse with its eyecatching flags. The Migma II company truck is painted with the company’s colours and logo. Thanks for showing Technistone to the world with us!

Propagace Technistone - sloup s logem a HR nábor Zaměstnanci Technistone muž a žena na billboardu
HQ of Technistone, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
Reklamní plachta Technistone na dodávce v Polsku, Migma Vlajka Technistone - sklad Radom v Polsku
Migma, Polsko Radom warehouse, Polsko


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