Technistone is expanding to showrooms all over the world

Without the exhibited studio surfaces incorporated into real kitchens and other interior features, it would be much more difficult to get an idea of ​​the final form of TechniStone® material with all the finishing options. The way it could look in your home. That's why every year we place new styles in showrooms all over the world to give our customers the opportunity to touch our material and get to know it in its overall real form. Last year more than 600 slabs went towards these exhibition purposes. Now some of them can be seen in showrooms in Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Russia and many other countries. Take a look and be inspired by new interior designs from around the world and around you:


Office table from Poetic Black in the Granitko stone factory, Ljubliana, Slovenia


Kitchen countertop Noble Pro Storm in Katysha showroom, St. Petersburg, Russia


Snow white Crystal Polar White in Porta Nuova shopping mall, Sardinia

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