Technistone organized workshop for architects in Nitra

In the newly reconstructed historical building of Old Waterworks in Nitra, on November 16, 2018, several interesting workshops for architects were held. Technistone introduced technological breakthroughs in the development of hardened stone produced in the Czech Republic. Exclusively for the Nitra audience introduced new luxury TechniStone® shades for 2019. The evening was accompanied by Tatiana Kopková, holder of the highest architecture award in Slovakia, called


Architect Ivan Malek talked about the method of photogrammetry and its available application for documentation of historic buildings. The digitization of large buildings into 3D visualization was commented on by Martin Pikalík and Jakub Kočica. Architect Erik Kral invited the audience to an event called Day of Architecture, which is still a newcomer in Slovakia. Recognized architect Tatiana Kopková then led colleagues in the field of discussion on the renewal of Nitra public space and invited architects to work closer together.



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