Charm and beauty of the Brilliant Collection

The portfolio now includes the new Brilliant Galaxy and Brilliant Arabesco, two colors that artistically combine the brilliant background and vein patterns of our Noble Collection to create stunning new additions.

Choose from up to five shades of shimmering white with a contrastingly colored pattern, modern gray or black with starry dust. Thanks to their extremely attractive appearance, "Brilliant" products are often used for kitchen and bathroom countertops, parapets, bar counters, tiles, stairs or paving.

Key features:

  • expanding the portfolio of popular "Brilliant" product line
  • a superior fine-grained structure
  • unique products supplemented with a vein pattern suitable for use as tiles
  • eye-catching appearance and exceptional features of quartz

As the name suggests, the Brilliant Galaxy leaves you with the impression of an endless galaxy full of stars. A deep black dotted with glistening mirror fragments completes the view of the bright night sky.

Brilliant Arabesco with a crystal-white background and a distinctive, contrast-colored design is the ideal material for floor tiles in the entrance halls of private and commercial spaces.

The modern Gray Shade of Brilliant Gray is simple and timeless. The fine texture with glittering effect adds extraordinary elements to the interior.

Brilliant White and Brilliant Black are backbone in the TechniStone® portfolio. Snowy white and iconic black enriched with brilliant shine will enchant the lush atmosphere of every home, an elegant yet functional appeal.


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