We are making another series of Q&A videos

Our major domain is visual materials in the form of photographs. We get them from all over the world in order to capture the dazzling beauty of TechniStone® to inspire you. Audio-visual materials - videos are very popular judging by your reactions on social media. A series of videos called Q&A, or Questions and Answers show how strong our material is in “everyday situations“. These tests were done by kids in kindergarten, karate athletes, with a paintball gun, a fully loaded truck forklift, bricks, dumbbells… and we have many more interesting ideas!


All videos are available on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkvykOoKFb0&list=PLRZ5fVHtNb0LmG1SYN0ymM4m5yTzXfTos



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