News from the Inspireli network

Recent months have brought us a number of innovations from the Inspireli social network, whose proud partner is Technistone. It is not just few technicall updates but mainly a huge news connected to growing of this unique social network.
As you already know, there is a competition on Inspireli right know - Inspireli Awards 2015 and it brought attention from all around the world. Thanks to that fact, is network now connected with more then 62 universities from 32 countries all around the world. In fact the support to Inspireli was also given from Royal Academy of Architecture in Copenhagen. That allows Inspireli to contact more then 100 more universities in all Europe.
If you wonder, when the finalists of Inspireli Awards 2015 will be announced, we also have a great news. It is going to happen tomorrow and that is why we wish all competitors good luck. 

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