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3WM is a marketing agency specializing in digital marketing and the production and distribution of videos. Since 2015 we have been creating and carrying out complex marketing strategies for brands in the areas of interior design, construction and remodeling, fashion, and new technologies. We offer our clients social media services, paid campaigns, production of television spots, videos, photographs, and advertising material, and cooperation with celebrities and influencers.


An experienced team of professionals providing services in the field of architecture and interior design with an overlap into visualization or virtual reality. Each project is processed individually to measure according to the nature, scope and detailed requirements of the customer.


Reawote.com is a forthcoming library of materials and 3D models from Real World Textures s.r.o., which deals with professional digitization of surfaces and 3D models from real manufacturers for their subsequent use in high-end 3D visualization with universal use in any professional 3D software. For digitization, it uses advanced methods of photogrammetry, software tools and a unique custom scanner with a scanning area of 1.5x2.5 m with a resolution of up to 24,000 pixels and the ability to extract the 3D structure of the material. The package of services also includes mock-up visualizations and virtual reality.


Technistone participated in the implementation of the project of the unique worldwide social network Inspireli for students, implementation companies and professional architects and designers from around the world. In addition to inspiring photos, profiles and contacts, it offers the possibility of registering for the international Inspireli Awards competition. The creators of the idea are eminent personalities in architecture, prof. Dr. Ing. arch. Bořek Šípek and Ing. Karel Smejkal, Ph.D.

Program of support VaV TIP 2009

Duration: 2009 – 2012
Provider: The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Czech Republic
Project: Quartz stone and its functional finishes
In cooperation with: Technistone, s.r.o. & Centrum organické chemie s.r.o. Pardubice & Vysoká Škola Chemickotechnologická Praha

Project results:

  • Utility model for developed products,
  • Research in the field of binder and initiating systems,
  • Research in the field of functional coatings,
  • The functional coating composition - TS protection - Sitech 31 G
  • Developed products with an indication of the global market Absolute Crystal White, Crystal Arctic, Venetian Galaxy, Brilliant White, Brilliant Black, Harmonia Sierra, Harmonia Altay, Harmonia Dolomites, Harmonia Velasco, Harmonia Yosemite, Harmonia Highlands, Taurus Black,
  • The new resource base of local resources, etc



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