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Origin of Quartz

About us. Technistone Company 

Noble Linea

Taurus Terazzo Grey

Crystal Belgium

Exteriors Outdoor Kitchen

Exteriors Facade

Technistone Introduction

Inspireli Awards - Karel Smejkal EN

Buamim - Murble and Granite Factory in Dubai

Inspiration meets innovation - Noble collection

KBIS Technistone 2018

Index 2018 in Dubai photoshow1

Index 2018 in Dubai photoshow2

Index 2018 in Dubai photoshow3

Beauty of Noble Collection

Beauty of Brilliant Collection

Everlasting beauty of Technistone quartz

Technistone - KBIS 2018

Technistone - Cooking show

Technistone - Game

Technistone - Bye Bye

Technistone Durability Test


Technistone Basic Introduction

TV Advertisement - Baremes Export

The creation of Technistone countertop

Technistone material characteristics


1st Technistone „TEAM“ Gala Dinner | Index 2017


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