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"We have been working with TechniStone® for quite some time in order to confirm it as the material of choice, with a wide range of interior applications, not only in the home, but also in the heavily frequented operations of the HORECA segment, where we often supply worktops. The properties of TechniStone® material meet the highest demands of durability, easy maintenance and luxurious appearance for a long period of use. Furthermore, TechniStone® material enables a wide range of technical solutions, such as drip milling, gluing sinks and profiles, etc. As regards product range, we generally have a great demand for a matt surface, which TechniStone® offers for selected colour shades. "

GRANIT spol. s ro, Czech Republic

Refer your project to the nearest stonemason's workshop, where a unique oeuvre is produced from the slab based on specifications requirements. Precise alignment, precise edge machining, invisible joints, wash basins made of flat parts in the same shade of the countertop… Such references are the imprint of masters in the field.

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