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“Natural materials deepen the visual perception of a room and can connect our psyche with the surrounding nature. Colours are the basis. Technistone® decors, which, thanks to their alternative surfaces, create the impression of a diverse structure, are inspired by their appearance in natural environments and materials such as wood or cement. Engineered stone apart from being eco-friendly is definitely a trend of the future that visually harmonizes with popular urban architecture. With its unifying appearance, it imprints a characteristic indelible identity on every space. ”

Architect Marco Maio, Czech Republic

The role of the architect is one of the most important when planning projects. Implementation under the guidance of a competent is a guarantee of reliable professional project management, professional approach, and detailed design specifications according to customer preferences and in accordance with established regulations.



“Technistone is of indispensable assistance in my household, and this motivates me to include it in the designs for my clients' kitchens. It is a completely stable and reliable material for people with unusual demands”

Designer Zuzana Gajdůšková, Czech Republic

“ In my designs I like to use natural materials such as wood, stone, etc. However, I always try to explain to the client the advantages and disadvantages of individual materials, taking into account his lifestyle and needs. I try to explain how the material ages, how durable it is and its functional limits. In places or areas where maintenance requires that extra effort such as kitchen worktops, it is sometimes necessary to combine natural material with modern technological procedures and thus improve its user properties. In my own kitchen, for example, I used a Technistone® board in Calacatta instead of natural marble precisely because of its better utility properties. ”

Designer Vendula Jelínková, Czech Republic


*Without a good interior design plan, the quality of life cannot be satisfying. The peace and quiet (harmony) of the domestic environment, corresponding to the ideas of its occupants, are an integral part of the lifestyle. An experienced designer with the soul of an artist can perceive the needs of the client and design an interior that reflects the personality of its owner.


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