Today is World Day for Safety and Health at Work


On the occasion of World Day for Safety and Health at Work, we have prepared some information that every professional who works with engineered stone should know. There is a wide range of published materials that contain recommendations and standards for protecting your health and avoiding health problems. Everyone who works in this industry should be aware of these proven approaches to working safely and reducing respirable crystalline silica (RCS).

At Technistone we recognize the importance of this information. Therefore, we ask you to pay close attention to these resources, which will provide you with the knowledge and procedures you need to protect your health in the workplace. We have produced a safety code for the company, the Good Practice Guide, which everyone who works in this industry should be aware of.

AStA World Wide, NEPSI, and the ILO are international organizations that are concerned with safety in the engineered stone industry. They issue tested general recommendations and practical examples of procedures for workers who come into direct contact with engineered stone and are exposed to its side effects. They recommend regular technical inspections of workplaces and regular medical examinations for workers in order to detect possible cases of silicosis at an early stage.

Take some time to study the following safe working procedures, thanks to which you will protect your health and the health of your employees.

We recommend reading:

  1. International Labour Organization: World Health Organization Global Programme for the Elimination of Silicosis (GPES)
  2. Good Practice Guide
  3. European Network on Silica (NEPSI)
  4. NEPSI Training Materials

Take care of your health and implement appropriate safety measures in your workplace. Your health is your responsibility.

The Technistone Team


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