Watch How TechniStone® Slabs Are Produced in This Animated Video!

Lots of people know about our final product, but do you know how we go about making slabs of TechniStone® engineered stone? In this animated video you can learn all the steps a slab must undergo before it is installed as a part of your home. The video is available on our YouTube channel: How does TechniStone® reach your home? 

Plan your own space

Do you want to know how Technistone® might look in your kitchen, living room, bathroom or anywhere else? Try out our visualizer to get a better idea of using Technistone®.


Explore Technistone´s Augmented Reality

Join the digital world of Technistone and create a new reality around you! Discover new possibilities of using TechniStone® material with our new application Technistone AR. Download for free on the App Store and Google Play!

Devices supported for Technistone AR here

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