New Products for 2023? We can´t wait to introduce them!

Every year we expand our range of offer of decors with new products inspired by world design trends. There were three new colours in 2022 — Noble Quartzite, Crystal Steel a Metropole Nero. All three of them instantly found their own enthusiasts.  

Next year, we will once again be introducing new products into our Noble and Serenity collections! Their exact names are still a secret, but here’s what you can expect:

  1. A timeless design that can never go out of style . . . and that will make your house a home. It opens up room for combinations that will enliven any interior.
  2. Light grey tones inspired by the feel of the big city, offset by brown veins reminiscent of tree roots. Its variability in an interior is its greatest strength.
  3. Inspired by natural marble, but offering so much more. It reverses polarity — instead of a black background it is wrapped in white. Where there was white, there is light brown and black. The watchword is sensuality with a spectacular look.

Have you got a feel now for the look of our new designs for 2023?

Preparations for their unveiling are already well under way. Just look at this picture taken during a photo shoot on Technistone’s premises.

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