How do our partners spread the TechniStone® brand around the world?

The TechniStone® brand is well known all over the world in connection with timeless kitchens and acclaimed commercial projects. Thanks to our partners who help us spread the beauty of this material and give it a realistic appearance. Here are some examples of where and how TechniStone® has been seen recently in different parts of the world:

ISG, United States of America

These ISG T-shirts will not be overlooked by anyone and those who wear them - the ISG team, what material they support they go!



Emas, Poland

If you ever drive through Poland, you may pass this van transporting hardened stone to the future owner of a new kitchen.

Stonetech, China

Thanks to the creativity of our Hong Kong partners, even Cantonese-speaking people know that TechniStone® is a quality and durable material for paving and the kitchen!!ArlUSVqDSm0Lg8MVeuFLS4jdsYcmLw?e=WnrA45

Baremes, Argentina

This TV campaign is now running in Argentina on LN +.!ArlUSVqDSm0L-VQZVV_Pwp1nGbcB

When beauty is visible, the eye always appreciates it.

Thank you very much to all partners!

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Do you want to know how Technistone® might look in your kitchen, living room, bathroom or anywhere else? Try out our visualizer to get a better idea of using Technistone®.


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Join the digital world of Technistone and create a new reality around you! Discover new possibilities of using TechniStone® material with our new application Technistone AR. Download for free on the App Store and Google Play!

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