Reconstruction: Engineered Stone in the Starring Roles

Technistone, Kámen Dekor, the architectural studio By Architects and Ambassador Zuzana Záhorová — that’s who star in a new video in which we will show you the journey of a reconstruction project using engineered stone from beginning to end!

Zuzana Záhorová and her family are reconstructing a 1960s-era villa in Prague. Zuzana is no beginner in interior design; she already reconstructed her old apartment by herself. She decided that the project of reconstructing her new house will be her last, so she carefully thought out every step and her choice of materials. That’s the same reason she sought out the help of professionals in the field.

“I brought my dreams and ideas to the By Architects studio. I needed to get advice from professionals about what was practical and how to use the space most effectively. We succeeded beyond all expectations.”

Zuzana learned about TechniStone® from the architectural studio, who recommended it mainly because of its durability and its aesthetic look.  

Her first choices were the Crystal Calacatta Silva and Noble Supreme White designs, but gradually her ideas changed. Her ultimate choice was the unique look of Noble Quartzite and the very popular, playful Taurus Terazzo White. Combining two different TechniStone® designs has become very popular lately. Zuzana and the By Architects studio took full advantage of the trend!

The engineered stone was fabricated and installed by the stonework firm Kámen Dekor, whose expertise we can vouch for. Kámen Dekor was involved in the project from the very beginning. Its stonemasons first measured the kitchen area so they would know its precise dimensions. Then they cut the TechniStone® slabs with waterjets, a process that normally takes about eight hours. Finally, they fit the countertop onto the cabinets. Are you curious how it all turned out? We are too, for sure.

In the upcoming video we tried to capture all the important steps you will need to take if you choose to use TechniStone® in your own interior. Follow us, because it will soon be online!



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