Dovy Keukens and Noble Quartzite Are a Perfect Match

Dovy Keukens is one of the largest networks of kitchen studios in Belgium. They‘ve been cooperating with Technistone since 2017.

Dovy selected Technistone Noble Quartzite for the launch of their newest kitchen model, RAYA in Japandi-style. The handle-free doors on the RAYA’s cabinets (Raya means “line” in Spanish), have fine vertical grooves running up and down the entire surface. This creates a modern, minimalistic & stylish look. Further on, Dovy sets a clear trend with this new “Japandi” style. It’s a perfect combination of Japanese design traditions and warm Scandinavian elements. The beautifully crafted cabinets catch the eye at first glance but the details make the design and so does Dovy, by adding a unique edge and corner finish to the Noble Quartzite worktop in Matt finish.


Noble Quartzite entered Technistone's product range in 2022 and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular colors in the Benelux market. We asked our colleague Frédéric Haven, Sales and Marketing Manager for Benelux, a few questions.


How would you describe working with Dovy Keukens?

Working with Dovy has been a pleasure for us right from the beginning. They exude professionalism in every area and are a very reliable business partner.  


In which of Dovy Keukens’ showrooms can a customer see a model kitchen with Noble Quartzite?

Kitchen worktops in Noble Quartzite are already on display in four of Dovy’s showrooms and will be installed in all of their 37 showrooms during the year 2023. Dovy used this particular kitchen for one of their TV commercials, be sure to zoom in on the stone’s edge and corner finish on the pictures.


Why do you think Noble Quartzite is becoming so rapidly successful in Benelux market?

That’s easy. The warm color values of Noble Quartzite combined with a gorgeous swirl of soft veins, easily matches White, Black, grey and natural wood colors, making it an outstanding match for kitchens. In short, Noble Quartzite has a timeless design and a luxurious Look-and-Feel, that’s why it’s a total winner in today’s saturated offer of stone colors.










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