The Spirit of Glass & Beauty in Stone; the new TechniStone® and Gordana Glass® collection is officially christened.

On Thursday, February 27, 2020, for the first time after an extensive renovation, the doors of the Gordana Glass studio were opened to the professional public and VIP guests for the presentation of a joint collection The Spirit of Glass & Beauty in Stone.

The studio’s owner worked on the refurbishment with an expert team who achieved the perfect transformation. These include the Slovak architect Tatiana Kopková and husband and wife duo Timea and Matin Koiš from the GFI studio. The project was realized by Kamenárstvo Bartfay and carpenter Marek Valo. They brought to life the thought of combining engineered stone and art glass resulting in a much grander vision than the original idea. The Spirit of Glass & Beauty in Stone collection is now visible in the modular kitchen, bathroom, study, corridors and even in public spaces. TechniStone® in the form of cabinet doors, worktops, screens, tiling, coffee tables and original design elements embellishes substantial parts of the studio.




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