Technistone reveals the new Elegance Eco line

Ecology and environmental protection are some of the most important topics around the world. Technistone is proud to announce that we have created a complete product range that is not only environmentally responsible, but cost effective. The Elegance line - Elegance Eco Nev, Ash Eco Elegance and Elegance Eco Zen.

The proportion of recycled materials in the product is 30% at least, products are certified by SCS Global Services.

Elegance Eco Nev belongs to the group of white products. Thanks to its neutral appearance, it can easily be combined with colorful and dominant interior elements.

Light grey tones of Elegance Eco Ash follow the trend of very popular grey shades and is a universal material for use throughout the interior.

The Sandy-beige of Elegance Eco Zen, completes the Elegance Eco line with its earthy shade that is perfect for interiors with wood.


More at our color range.



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