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INSPIRELI is a global project which strives to create the first global photographic social network for architects, designers and students with a focus on architecture and design. First worldwide social network full of inspirational photos, architects’ profiles and contacts for designers and implementation firms – this is Inspireli. This unique idea, from the Czech Republic, was created by contributions from Technistone, a.s., Sapeli, a.s. and Archicad with one goal “to connect worlds of students, fans and professionals from the design sector”. For more inspiration, please check out Technistone profile.


The objective of this project, which is supported by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, is to involve architects, designers and students from all the world, give them a chance to make their work visible and interconnect them as well. The INSPIRELI social network includes an annual talent competition INSPIRELI AWARDS 2016 in which students and university graduates under the age of 30 can take part. This competition has the goal to make talented starting architects and designers from all over the world visible regardless of their geographic or economic background.


The competition jury includes the most renowned architects from six continents such as Bořek Šípek, Josef Pleskot and Zdeněk Fránek from the Czech Republic, Ĺubomír Králik and Ĺubomír Závodný from Slovakia, Jürgen Mayer form Germany, Paolo Piva from Italy, Cees Dam from the Netherlands, Atsushi Kitagawara and Khoki Hiranuma form Japan, Gan Pei form China, Jan Benda and Ivana Bendová who are based in China, Eva Le Peutrec from New Caledonia, Nico van der Meulen from the Republic of South Africa, Corbett Lyon and Martin Dudasko from Australia, Alberto Kalach from Mexico and Michal Postránecký who is based in the United States.




If you are interested to get involved in this project, please get in touch with the Project manager Karel Smejkal by e-mail You can find further information at the website of INSPIRELI.


100 years of Czechoslovak architecture in Mánes

The exhibiton „100 years of Czechoslovak architecture“ will held on September 15 – October 10 in the exceptional space of Manes Gallery, Prague. The art of all the biggest Czech studios and biggest developers will be exhibited. During the exhibiton the gala evening will be held at the Prague Castle.



More informations

The INSPIRELI AWARDS jury is comprised of renowned architects from all over the world.


"Vision" award

The INSPIRELI Vision Award, awarded to the best conceptual work that has yet to be realized.



"Realization" award

INSPIRELI Realization Award, awarded to the best realized architectural and urban design project.




"Wings to the future" Grand prize Jury Award

“Wings to the future” is awarded to the highest scoring "Vision" or "Realization" work as determined by the prestigious INSPIRELI Awards jury of architectural professionals and industry leaders.




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