Influencers and blogers


Ania Dominik

For many years she has been running one of the most popular interior design blogs in Poland - On the blog she shares inspirations and ideas for beautiful, innovative interiors. Currently, Ania provides inspiration with the interiors of her own home, which she is currently decorating. The countertops in the new kitchen and bathroom are made of engineered stone Mystery White from Technistone®. Ania won the Blog of the Year Award and the Audience Blog in the competition of one of the most luxurious interior design magazines "Home & Interior". Her account on Instagram is already followed by over 160,000 people

Jakub and Agáta Prachař

Jakub Prachař is a popular Czech actor, moderator, entertainer and co-founder of the "Nightwork" band. Jakub and his wife Agata used TechniStone® to create the unique interior of their new flat.

Pavel Cejnar

Pavle Cejnar's apartment is also decorated with Technistone's materials. Pavel Cejnar is a well-known Czech actor and moderator of the Europe 2 radio station.

Alois Hadamczik

Alois Hadamczik is the top representative of the Czech ice hockey scene and he also owns a wonderful kitchen with a TechniStone® countertop.

Helena Vondráčková

Helena Vondráčková, one of the most successful Czech singers, also took advantage of the material from Technistone®, which has been decorating the interior of her house for many years.

Tereza Kostková

Tereza Kostková is a Czech actress and presenter, daughter of actor Petr Kostka and actress Carmen Mayer.

Designers and architects working with Technistone®

Marco Maio

Marco Maio, a Portuguese architect working in the Czech Republic, whose work emphasizes the importance of light in interior design.

Jiří Hladík

Jiří Hladík is the owner and designer of Design NadTo studio, which focuses on modern and functional design of residential interiors and commercial spaces.

Zuzana Gajdůšková

Zuzana Gajduskova is a renowned designer at Keeplin who has been designing interiors since 1996.

Radka Syrová

Radka Syrova is an Interior & Exhibition Designer currently living in Dubai. Portfolio of her finished projects & clients spreads through number of countries including Dubai, Melbourne Australia, Singapore, London & Czech Republic. Radka Syrova runs multidisciplinary Design Studio with emphases on Interior Design, Exhibition Design and also Branding Design & Strategies. Her main interest is in customization & product design. Every project is designed with an attention to detail specialized in custom made furniture and products. Her passion for design and exploration of materials is crucial in every step of given project.

Radka studied Gymnazium in Trebic.

Swinburne University of Technology, Interior Architecture & Exhibition Design in Melbourne.

She constantly travels and explores seminars and exhibitions focusing on design, sustainability and business strategies, organised in Europe, Asia or Australia.

Felt Accessories range & CUBoid Objects were sold in Prague in DOX, Futurista and other design shops.

LUVlab yoga products and accessories are currently under development and will reflect love for yoga, natural products and travelling experiences coming directly from the heart of design, Balanise culture & nomadic way of life.


Tatiana Kopková

Technistone® cooperates with Slovakian architect Tatiana Kopkova. She is holder of the prestigious architectural award Cezar of 2010 for revitalization of the Old Theater in Nitra. She studied Architecture at STU and VSVU.

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